Why do you need a Lighting, Electrical Designer?

Light affects us psychologically and emotionally. Light has an enormous influence on physical spaces and our perception of them. The form light makes may vary from a soft glow to a dramatic beam of light. You can maximize the beauty of your environment working with an experienced Lighting Designer. Whether you want to set a scene for that romantic evening or energetic party, or just chase away the blues on a gray day, or simply show the beauty of your residence architecture, working with a lighting designer will make the difference you can feel.

At Light Ideas we know the tools and keep up with all the newest technology in lighting and control systems.  Introducing Roger A. Rector as the lighting designer to your project team will ensure a creation of an atmosphere you want.  His love of lighting and a foundation in electrical design maintains the delicate balance between function and beauty with designs that are achievable and within your budget.  A lighting designer will answer all your questions and keep you up to as you project progresses, and will make any necessary changes if needed due to construction issues.

As skilled design professionals, we will listen to you and your team. After we understand your goal or guide you to one, we will help you visualize your lighting results in advance with our optional 3D design concepts (see Photo gallery). We will tailor our process for you, for that small or large project. Monterey's only Lighting Designer.

With more than 30+ years in the Electrical and Lighting Design fields, Light Ideas will give you the results you are looking for, and a process that is easy for you to understand. Lighting Design in Monterey, CA. Serving all of California.

We look forward to working with you!

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